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Safiye Ekiz Tunic

Hey everyone!

May 13-!4 2016 was Istanbul Modest Fashion Week organised by Modanisa in Turkey. It was a fantastic two days filled with inspirational designs and collections from designers all over the world. It included a variety of pop up stalls and vendors and one of my favourite design houses was that of Safiye Ekiz’s.

Elagantly designed tunics, trousers and trench coat style pieces were all very appealing to me, and this hot pink tunic was just calling out my name! Light, floaty and modestly designed, paired with a pair of slim fit white trousers and a pair of statement heels it made for a classy yet comfortable ensemble.



This particular tunic has a front panel which can be styled in 3 different ways,


Look 1 (As is)



Look 2

I used a hair clip to clip the front panel together.





Look 3 (Front panel clipped on the shoulder)











Sandy Beaches



Sile Bezi

Today was the third day of Eid here in Bahrain, and after a very busy first two days it was a little more relaxed.

So I chose to wear a cream coloured dress which I bought from Sile, a small seaside town on the outskirsts of Istanbul in Turkey. This is where my mother’s from and it’s very well known for it’s Sile Bezi or Sile Cloth. A natural fabric that’s woven like a type of muslin and is treated in the local sea with the salty water and then air dried.

It’s beautifully light and is used for a whole variety of things from dresses to blouses to table cloths and napkins. Traditionally it’s hand embroidered in colourful floral and symetric designs.

My dress has a thick lace edging at the hem and neckline, plain, not so traditional maybe but none the less extremely comfortable. I added an old rope typr designed belt for a more boho look.

Shots were taken by Hina MIrza. (@onemorehina on Instagram)

Outfit Details

Scarf: Silk Home (Turkey)

Dress: Sile (Turkey)

Sandals: Dune

Bangle: Mango

Ring: Sultanesque


IMG_1101 IMG_1104 IMG_1105 IMG_1108 IMG_1109 IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1113 IMG_1102