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Desert walk

Hi guys! It’s been a while i know. I’ve been so busy with my family and being away at Christmas, on top of that I’ve just gotten over a nasty cold.

But enough of all that!

The weather in Bahrain has been quite cool lately so out came my fully covered shoes, boots and light weight jackets.

My scarf was from Vakko in Istanbul which I bought a few years back. They still have these types of long scarves in every store and there are many different colours to choose from.



My jacket was from Zara that i picked up in the winter sales on Boxing Day in London and fell in love with the jacquard two tone print. It’s a little puffy, kind of like a bomber jaclet but with a tailored look to it.







I wore this jacket with a pair of slim fit ‘leather look’ denim jeans from H&M and a long shirt from Zara..






IMG_1372Kept in with the dark grey hues I wore a pair of grey suede ankle boots from Dune.








Outfit Details

Scarf: Vakko

Jacket: Zara

Shirt: Zara

Jeans: H&M

Boots: Dune

Necklace: I Am

Sunglasses: Tiffany

Shot by: Hina Mirza, Instagram @onemorehina