Safiye Ekiz Tunic

Hey everyone!

May 13-!4 2016 was Istanbul Modest Fashion Week organised by Modanisa in Turkey. It was a fantastic two days filled with inspirational designs and collections from designers all over the world. It included a variety of pop up stalls and vendors and one of my favourite design houses was that of Safiye Ekiz’s.

Elagantly designed tunics, trousers and trench coat style pieces were all very appealing to me, and this hot pink tunic was just calling out my name! Light, floaty and modestly designed, paired with a pair of slim fit white trousers and a pair of statement heels it made for a classy yet comfortable ensemble.



This particular tunic has a front panel which can be styled in 3 different ways,


Look 1 (As is)



Look 2

I used a hair clip to clip the front panel together.





Look 3 (Front panel clipped on the shoulder)











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