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Hi everyone, I wanted to share my current favourite skin care routine with you all.

Last summer I turned 40, and I had noticed a lot of changes with my skin.
It had become considerably dry recently with bouts of ‘oily skin’ days and started to look dull.
After asking around and on recommendation I consulted a dermatologist. I went to see Dr.Rana at Dr.Rana’s Aesthetic Clinic in Riffa, Bahrain.
We discussed my current regime and I gave her a brief history of how my skin has been.

She put me on to a special facial booth type machine which systematically took pictures of my face from various angles. It analized such things as elasticity, collagen, sun damage, bacteria build up and lines and wrinkles.
She recommended that I use a brand called Nimue.

The Nimue Starter Kit



Products inside:-

Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser, Sun Protection 40 SPF, Purifier (to treat breakouts), Gauze wipes, Exfliating Enzyme.

These are what I needed to get me started.
I had my own routine up until now which was quite simple. I’d use various different brands for diferent things and go with what I felt suited me best, but I never really felt that it had significantly improved.
I took in the current products that I was using and showed them to the consultant and to my surprise a lot of what I was using were not the right products for me.

My exfoliator was too harsh for my skin and was actually aggrevating it more than doing it any good by over drying it which in return was making my skin feel like it needed to produce more oil; hence the oily patches. My cleanser was too drying, and the only thing that I was doing right was the Tea Tree oil that I was using for my breakouts. (Yes breakouts, even post 40 we can sill get them!)
It’s been almost 12 weeks and my skin has improved a huge amount. It feels more supple, less dry and a lot smoother.







Since then I’ve also had 2 Hydra Facials (my Snapchat viewers would know ┬ámore about this) :) which she said would really complement my new skincare regime.
Wow! What a difference. Not only does it make you feel like you’ve had the deepest skin cleansing done but also leaves you with baby soft smooth skin.
Since my new treatments and using Nimue I’ve had a lot of compliments about my skin. so I wanted to share this with you.
I’ve changed my mind about skincare a lot recently, I truely believe that every skin type is different and reacts differently to various ingredients and products therefore a ‘tailor made’ approach to skin care is essential.

Dr. Rana’s Aesthetic Clinic

Tel: 00973 39219669

Riffa, Bahrain

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