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Heavenly Spa Signature Massage – The Westin Hotel Bahrain


Last week I visited the Westin Hotel here in Bahrain for a little pampering and well a deserved massage (it’s always well deserved right?) :)

Located within the main City Centre Mall, The Heavenly Spa is very convenient for us hardcore shoppers after a long day.


Up on the 3rd floor of the hotel, this place is a hidden gem in a peaceful and tranquil setting.

I was greeted by my therapist and was given a mini tour of the facilities. I was delightfully impressed, especially by the authentic Turkish Hamam.

After getting into my robe it was time to get started. My therapist asked all the relevant questions beforehand and determined the right amount of pressure to apply during the massage for me.


It was based on a Swedish massage using White Tea oil that had a warm and comforting smell. She then used a heated compress which was made up of a pouch filled with a mixture of tumeric, cinnamon, tamarind, ginger and rock salt. It felt quite hot when she applied the pouch but felt extremely soothing at the same time too.


The whole treatment lasted an hour and I felt totally relaxed yet energised afterwards. She knew how to de-stress my back especially my upper shoulders where I tend to be tense most of the time.


My favourite part of the whole experience was the smell of the White Tea. It was absolutely divine. I love citrus/floral scents so this just hit the spot.


I was later told that White Tea oil is the signature aroma of all Westin hotels throughout the world including their shampoos and body washes.

After my massage I entered an area dimly lit, super quiet and relaxed in my robe whilst drinking a soothing hot cup of ginger tea.


Who would of thought one could have this experience whilst at the mall? What a lovely escape on a busy shopping afternoon. I know where I’ll be next time the kids want to watch a movie! Absolute heaven.


Contact details

Heavenly Spa by Westin

tel: +973 17171222

Oliveto Bahrain

On Sunday evening I went out to have an authentic Italian meal at Olivetto restaurant in Adliya, Bahrain.

Being the start of the week here, it was a quiet affair which was much appreciated after my very eventful weekend.

The ambience was beautiful and the weather was lovely so I chose to sit outside in the terrace. The first thing that caught my eye were the most prettiest and smallest olive trees I had ever seen, which when I asked about them was shocked to hear that they were almost 700 years old!

I was greeted by their Fronthouse Manager who was describing their new soon to be unveiled menu. All dishes sounded amazing and as I enquired more about them, the restaurant chef, Masterchef Zanotti came over to give me some more information.

I’m not a fussy eater (well not too much) and was very happy for Chef to choose for me.

My starter comprised of a Veal Loin with blackberries, green pea puree and raspberry dressing with sour cream and thyme. It was the perfect starter. The veal was tender and the dressing and puree were divine.


Seeing as I had left it all up to chef, I was eager to see what he had next prepared for me, and to my utter amazement it was a dish that I almost always order at any Italian restaurant which was a risotto.

But this risotto is not any ordinary risotto. It was drizzled on top with a Beetroot and Pecorino cheese fondue, and wait for it…a Truffle sauce. Absolutely delicious! The serving was relatively generous compared to many other places and was extremely satisfying.


Soon after tucking into my plate full of delightful flavours, Chef Zanotti came over to ask if had liked my meals so far, I of course told him that I did and we soon started to chat over the ingredients he uses for his dishes. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Chef Zanotti personally chooses almost all his ingredients from different regional areas of Italy and is totally passionate about Italian cuisine.

Soon, it was time for my desert. Heaven on a plate is the only way to could describe it. Lime Cake, Fennel Gelatine, Marinated Orange and a Salty Chocolate Crumble. The flavours complimented each other so well with the perfect amount of sweetness. Wow!


I must say I was extremely impressed with the new menu, as there were so many other mouth watering dishes to choose from.

This new menu is designed to take you on a journey across Italy, I feel it’s beautifully conceived and can’t wait to continue my tour.